Sunday, 22 November 2015


  1. best game ever to egsist 
  2. good for school
  3. you can play any time any were on anything
  4. intresting
  5. cool
  6. the best in the world
  7. you can build anything
  8. you can see anything
  9. you can do any thing
  11. servers rock well at leest most of them do
  12. you can play with anyone
  13. it rocks big time
  14. you can be yourself

Saturday, 24 October 2015


Planes are things that fly . it's amazing how they fly around the world.Oh and when they take off it sounds like a awoosh !  well i think going on  a plane ride would be cool!Heres were ill be chile . tell me about a plane ride

Saturday, 19 September 2015

a story about a cat

Once upon a time there was a beautifull cat named winter she was very delicate  . Although she was a  little crazy . at the time she lived at my home .Every one loved to play with her . >.One time they decided to tell story's about this little kittie . So I said that she loved to chase after butterfly's it was very funny!One day the family decided to go  camping .  So they asked my grandma to watch her.They.
She loved it there.but this is not over mt grandma fell in love with her so she asked can   i keep and that's why i'm at my grandmas now. and they  lived happily ever after the end!


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hmmm what could this be?

What we know:

My gramma Ang found it on the beach at Cape Bonaventure, Newfoundland. 

It's a partial skull. The jaw is missing.

It weighs 25 g.
It is 79 mm long.
It is 60 mm at its widest point.
The height is 40 mm tall.
The circumference is approximately 64 mm.

Side view

Bottom view 
Back view (looks like a fish...oh nooooooo!)

Bottom view

Top view

It looks like it had incisors and molars, but no canine or premolar teeth.

It also looks like its eyes were on the side of its head.

We guess that this is:

  1. Too dense, heavy and the wrong shape to be a bird's skull.
  2. Not a predator, but prey.
  3. It walks on four legs.
  4. It doesn't eat meat, so it's a herbivore.
  5. Because of it's teeth, we think it's a rodent.
But...we don't know which one!

It could be a water vole, or a rat, or a small beaver, or a marten. We searched the internet, compared measurements and pictures, and we think we are close, but are stuck.

Any ideas? What is your guess?

I'm trying to be a scientist. It's awesome/hard.