Saturday, 19 September 2015

a story about a cat

Once upon a time there was a beautifull cat named winter she was very delicate  . Although she was a  little crazy . at the time she lived at my home .Every one loved to play with her . >.One time they decided to tell story's about this little kittie . So I said that she loved to chase after butterfly's it was very funny!One day the family decided to go  camping .  So they asked my grandma to watch her.They.
She loved it there.but this is not over mt grandma fell in love with her so she asked can   i keep and that's why i'm at my grandmas now. and they  lived happily ever after the end!



  1. Thank you for sharing this story, Stacy!

    I am so allergic to cats that I thought I never wanted to have one again. My eyes and skin itch, I get hives, and they make me wheeze when I breathe.

    When I cat-sit Torch, I liked him well enough. He was a holy terror - knocking pictures off my wall and tormenting the dog. He would hiss and spit at Smartie. Sadly, my 75 pound dog was terrified of a kitten not much bigger than a pound of butter.

    But when Winter came to my house, it was very different. She liked the dog. She walked up to him and touched noses with him. She didn't hiss. She didn't spit. Actually, she seemed to want to be Smartie's friend more than he wanted to be her friend.

    Winter was also sweet and affectionate. She would cuddle against me and follow me around the house. She was (and is) also a stinker. She would get (and still does get) the nine o'clock crazies and runs around the house at top speed for no apparent reason. First, Smartie would just watch her, curious. Then he started to get in on the action by chasing her a little. Not a lot, but enough for both of them to have fun.

    Now, Winter rubs against Smartie's legs and face. Sometimes, I take them for a walk. Outside. Together.

    Smartie used to seem pretty depressed and lonely at home. Now I think he has a buddy in the house. He seems much happier. Although he would be happiest if he could have me, you, Winter AND Grandma Faye at home together. He really is a family dog, isn't he?

    I think Smartie needed Winter, and because he needed her, I needed her too. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.

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